'Product service system' concept for bikesharing of the bluebikes and the future eBike station. The innovative solutions aim at an integration of an open battery system and intelligent locking system suited for a public urban context.

The total package

Our integral approach started with an idea generation followed by the
concept design and system develoment, technical detailing, prototypes
and eventually guidelines for the first production series.
Multiple iterations and re-evaluations in between design stages ensured we kept control over our progress in line with the initial set of requirements.

Different use cases

Revolt is developed with an user centered approach and an emphasis on user experience. Starting out with a deep study on the dynamics of bike sharing in the urban context we defined 4 user groups: the commuter, eBiker, occasional user and recreational biker. The system requirements where deduced from service scenario’s and storyboards for each of theses 4 user groups.

Integration in an urban context

A modular structure enables the eBike station to blent into any urban
context and match it’s functionality accordingly. It can transition with
street furniture, link to bus and tram stops, link rail and metro networks
and connect with electric car sharing services. The green side panels of
the eBike station strengthen the ecological character of bike sharing and
contribute to more green zone whilst providing protection against grafitti.