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Living tomorrow
Future visions

Designing the retail of tomorrow.
Over 300 companies have worked together with Living Tomorrow to develop a vision of the future and more than 1 million people came to discover this future. Colruyt Group partnered up with Living Tomorrow and comissioned us to research future trends in science and technology that further improve the quality of life.

Dive in.

Living Tomorrow is quite literally a prototype for the future home. With this house as the backdrop, we dove into the future of households, retail and energy as normal visitors of the present.

4 personas covering 3 generations.

We started out by evaluating the Living Tomorrow experience from the perspective of 4 separate personas from a family covering three generations. Each one with their own needs, limitations and expectations that have an impact on their understanding and experience of the future home.

Mapping the full story

Using storyboards and touchpoint maps, the individual experiences were visualized and analysed on user needs, problem points and opportunities. These analysis resulted in a Customer Journey Map linking the total experience of all 4 personas.

Living tomorrow experience

The analysis of how people experience a space, how they interact with each other in certain contexts and how this may evolve in the future, provides valuable lessons to the Colruyt Group.
It helps them to communicate their values in an authentic, believable and effective fashion. And highlights some areas where they may need to invest some extra attention in terms of communication, customer flow, product placement ,etc.