A high quality e-bike with a revolutionary cockpit that navigates you to the most interesting sights of the area.
Kingo offers a service to hotels and other hospitality services by providing and managing "smart guide" e-bikes, equipped with fascinating routes for tourists to explore. Sightseers are provided with a fun, novel and healthy way of exploring the places they visit, while being at the wheel of their own experience.

Everybody Kingo?

The hotels and the tourists are only two groups of stakeholders within the Kingo service system. To thoroughly understand all of Kingo’s players, we organized co-creation workshops with users, who fit the Kingo profiles. This helped us to form a complete picture and to cater to their needs and wishes and to provide them with exciting value propositions.

Customer journeys, experience maps and service blueprints delivered a list of challenging requirements. We’ve come up with a bunch of insights that will be explored and developed during the coming years of Kingo’s journey.

Shaping our ideas

Through sketches, basic 3D models and rough breadboards, we explored valuable solutions for the many challenges at hand. This included the general cockpit build-up, attachment to the bike, waterproofing and integration of connectors, speakers, power button and other design constraints.

The full package

Thanks to our experience, a thorough analysis of the e-bikes market, and Kingo's company values, we could quickly list requirements for the bike frame and all of it's components. To start talks with potential suppliers, we created a smart photomontage of existing frames, newly developed components and graphic decals which simulated the perfect Kingo e-bike.

Innovative electronics

Zenso, our privileged partner for state-of-the-art electronic design, took care of the internal hardware. Together we selected components and checked for potential interference with the housing and their detailed 3D model of the PCB. Joining forces, we solved problems regarding thermoregulation, cable management, and faster assembly.

The visuals

The digital user interface has a 1024 x 600 resolution touchscreen and provides the user with different route options. On time notifications of points of interest and points of eating and drinking give the user information in a way that was never seen before.

Using barebone wireframes we constructed the structure of the app, the icons, and the animations that will support the user having a new way of experiencing an e-bike ride. In every wireframe iteration the icon design and styling of the app were evaluated and redirected to meet the needs of the end-user until it was deemed a perfect fit.


By sourcing the right parts and materials, within budget, we could quickly perform tests on the first prototypes. Checking waterproofness, finetuning antenna placement, and evaluating readability of different displays we were able verify these critical functionalities in an early stage of the design process.

Pilot series

After a few iterations, Kingo could launch the first pilots at select hotels. At this very moment the first customers are enjoying the Kingo experience, the royal way.

Start your experience at the Kingo website.

"Achilles Design was the perfect match for us as a startup: from first design thinking and ideation sketches to photorealistic renderings and prototyping techniques. All steps made it easier for us to validate our assumptions."

"The real challenge was combining strategic service design, innovative product design, technical engineering and user interface design in to a well managed project."