Sint Pietersschool Langdorp


Redesign of a playground with the focus on adventure,
functionality, child friendliness and more greenery.
By adhering to an integral approach with a focus on user centered design and value creation we were able to redesign the playground of the
Sint Pietersschool to be more functional, child friendly, adventurous, greener and overal more intimate.

Facing the reality of today

What do we see when we look at the playground today? What do we find
there? Who is making use of the playground? By asking these questions
we try to better understand the situation and look for opportunities.
We take directions from different stakeholders (school board, teachers, parents, children, supervisors, etc.) and work towards a better playground tailored to everyones needs.

Greenery and educational value

The redesign adheres to an overall concept that contains 5 focus areas: improving basic infrastructure, incorporate sports and games, encourage social coherence, inviting appearance and educational value. The end design allows for a gradual shift in the ratio of hardened and unhardened zones in function of budget and desired functionality. Some of the unhardened zones offer both greenery and educational value to the playground in the form of: vegetable gardens, fruit trees, wildflower meadows with insect hotels, etc.

Sence of adventure

The natural materials and the asymmetrical spontanious curves and
configurations in the playground equipment and variuos elements like the amphitheater, steps, wall dividers, etc. convey a sense of adventure and evoke a free playfull spirit.