A baby collection with a huge a-factor

Every year we start with the design of a new collection for Dreambee, the private label of Dreambaby. Through market research and organizing workshops, we look for the new mascot who will represent Dreambee for the next two years.
Every year we are challenged to create a figure that is better than the year before. It needs to meet a number of conditions before being selected as mascot of Dreambee. One year it may be a squirrel, another year a penguin. This figure is a true friend of the baby, unbound to a single place within the environment of the child. For two years it will represent everything that Dreambee stands for. A huge responsability.

Plan of action

The challenge is not only to develop a new character, but to make sure that everyone is enthusiastic about the choice. That's why we place a lot of importance on our work process. Our plan of action has to be streamlined and completely transparent so that our client can follow along the entire way.

The ideal scenario

We plan out an ideal scenario with several clear and fixed milestones to lead our way. With each milestone we take a step further down our creative path coming closer to the ultimate result. The entire process is done in close collaboration with all parties involved: purchasing, marketing, brand manager, and designer.

Ideation, concept, review, sign-off

Before we actually begin with the heart of the design work, we first need determine a theme and type of character. We do this through a series of workshops. Combining this with our ongoing research in color trends we can create a collection that will stay relevant for the coming two years. To help with the color research we work closely with Color Passport.

Textile know-how

Our work does not end with the creation of a character. Together with our client, we put al lot thought into all of the products and toys within the collection. With help from textile experts from the fashion world, we choose the right materials and draw up specifications for the placement of the chosen character and prints on each product.

NIYU 2017


AYKO 2016


OTTO 2015